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Personalized health and nutrition coaching

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90-Minute 1:1

Blueprint Session

Are you stuck in the symptom loop of pain, discomfort, or simply not feeling like yourself? Then, I invite you to go through this session with me so we can identify potential root causes and find ways to break the loop!

You will leave the session with clarity and feel empowered to take the next steps towards reducing your pain or discomfort, to feeling the way you want to feel in your body.


What is included?
  • 30-Minute Clarity Call: We talk about the symptoms you are struggling with and what you have already tried.
  • HTMA (Hair Testing Mineral Analysis): We will uncover what your metabolic type is, which minerals you are deficient it, and if there are any heavy metals affecting your health. 
  • 3-Day Food and Lifestyle Log: You will then complete this log before our next call to give me an inside look into your daily habits. From this I create a personalized Action Plan.
  • 60-Minute Blueprint Discussion: In this session, we dive into the Action Plan, take a closer look at the 3-Day Log, and view your personalized Recipe Book.

Ready to take a bigger step?

let’s talk coaching!

Cook your way to a

happy & healthy life

Cultivate a New You

12-week coaching program

This program is for you if you are ready to reclaim your health and run far away from your annoying symptoms.

You and I will work closely together to get to potential root causes of your symptoms and then personalize a plan that fits your body’s needs and lifestyle.

This program is not about a quick fix.
It is about creating long lasting diet and lifestyle habits that will affect you now and in the future. Take control of your life now to set yourself up for success in the future.

What is included?
  • 12 – Live Zoom Classes
  • 6 – Pre-Recorded Cooking Demonstrations with Recipes
  • 12 – 60-minute 1:1 Coaching/Goal-Setting Calls
  • 12 – Weekly Recipe Books
  • HTMA (Hair Testing Mineral Analysis)
  • Daily Support & Accountability
  • Lifetime Access to all materials & recordings
  • Opportunity for continued support after the 3 months

What to Expect

a look inside Cultivate a New You

Weeks 1 & 2: Real Food & Liquid Nutrition

Education Focus

  • Lifestyle focus on food
  • Calories don’t count
  • Macro and micronutrients
  • Liquid nutrition

Lifestyle Focus

  • Building health or disease?
Weeks 3 & 4: Create a Welcoming Kitchen

Education Focus

  • Healthwashing
  • Learn to read labels
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Healthy swaps

Lifestyle Focus

  • Put yourself first


Weeks 5 & 6: Learn to Love Being in the Kitchen

Education Focus

  • Meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping
  • Save time and money
  • Proper smoothie preparation

Lifestyle Focus

  • How to foster a positive mindset
Weeks 7 & 8: Rewire Your Signals

Education Focus

  • Mind-gut connection
  • Digestive health
  • How to prepare foods for better digestibility
  • Fermentation

Lifestyle Focus

  • Mindfulness
Weeks 9 & 10: Curb the Cravings

Education Focus

  • HPA Axis
  • Long-term effects of abusing your stress hormones
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Caffeine and its effects

Lifestyle Focus

  • Yoga and Grounding
Weeks 11 & 12: Bringing It All Together

Education Focus

  • Morning routine
  • Exercise
  • Power-down hour
  • How to get quality sleep

Lifestyle Focus

  • Abundant Mindset


Gain a deeper understanding of how your body processes food

Become empowered in the kitchen

Gain control over your weight

Go from feeling stressed to blessed

Learn how to be preventive in your health

Reserve your spot

This is a personalized 1:1 setting.
$2,700 (3 monthly payments of $900)
$2,400 (one-time payment)
(save $300 when you pay in full)
$700.00 / month for 2 months and a $700.00 down-payment

Kind words from clients

“The cooking class was so fun and easy. I really enjoyed trying new ingredients and learning how they can benefit my health.”


The FAQs

You probably have a few questions. Below are the answers to my most frequently asked questions about health & nutrition coaching.

How often do the coaching programs run?

Healthify Your Kitchen and Cultivate a New You both run a few times a year as a group coaching program, but if you prefer the 1 on 1 coaching instead, we can set that up.

What if I can’t financially afford the program?

That’s okay! If it is something you are committed to doing for yourself, then set aside money each month so that you can pay for it when the time is right for you.

There is also the option to not pay in full rather a couple smaller payments.

You ultimately need to decide if investing in your health is the next right step in your health journey. If it is, then you will find a way to pay for it because you are ready to commit to change.

When the timing is right for you, I am ready to walk alongside you!

What if I have food intolerances or allergies?

The recipes are simply a guide to help you understand which foods will be nourishing to the body. They can be modified to your liking or preferences. If you are unsure how to alter them, then I can give you suggestions.

How is all the information provided to me?

Weekly emails will be sent out to provide you with the week’s materials and recipes.

All classes/coaching calls will be held via Zoom and it will be highly encouraged that you schedule these in to attend live.

You will also have access to your fellow group members in a private Facebook group as well as a private What’s App group. These will be places to communicate with and encourage one another. These will also allow you to get questions answered and have support in between our live calls.

What if I want to continue working with you when I finish this 6-week program?

I would love to continue walking alongside you on this journey! The next step would be to enroll in Cultivate a New You, my 12-week program. It will now get you into your newly revamped kitchen to learn how to create with all the healthy swaps you made in Healthify Your Kitchen. You will leave this program having gained knowledge and culinary skills that will last you a lifetime!

What if I want to continue working with you when I finish this 12-week program?

I would love to continue walking alongside you on this journey! We can talk about continuing to work together one-on-one as the program comes to a close.

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