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Self-Care Should be Part of Your Daily Practice!

Self-care is the act of taking care of your mental and physical well-being, and it is my belief that it should be part of everyone’s daily practices. We live in a society that is so fast-paced that we hardly have a chance to breathe until we are forced to at bedtime. When we operate at this high intensity day after day our stress-response system is constantly working overtime and it will catch up with you. You may get a cold or begin to develop some sort of health struggle or lose your patience to the point of snapping. This is why making a regular self-care practice is so important.

I know that it is so easy to say that you don’t have time to practice self-care every day, but I challenge this. If you deem a task important and necessary, then you WILL find the time to include it. So, if your health and sanity are important to you, then find the time to create self-care practices that you love because you will be more likely to include them.

Here are my top 5 self-care practices:

1. Dry Brushing

This has become a non-negotiable before showering.

If you aren’t familiar with dry brushing, then allow me to give you a brief explanation. Dry brushing is the act of exfoliating your skin. It helps your body detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow.

Within a short amount of time incorporating this practice, the cellulite on my thighs and buttocks disappeared! I absolutely love the way I feel after a shower because of this practice.

I highly recommend this set if you are looking to try dry brushing.

2. Quiet Time

If you are an extroverted introvert like I am, then this one is super important for you to build into your everyday life. I completely understand if this one is difficult to fit in, especially if you are a busy, working mom. If having a little bit of quiet time to yourself each day re-energizes you, then I encourage you to carve this time out.

This may mean that you wake up before everyone else does, when the quiet is so palpable. Or you may have to stay up a little later than everyone else. You could also find time to get out for a quick walk alone. Whatever that looks like for you, just find it. Find that quiet time to be able to let your thoughts flow freely, to relax your body from the day.

Studies show that when you take some quiet time after the busyness of the day a couple hours before bed, it will actually help your body downshift and start preparing your body for sleep.

3. Earthing or Grounding

This is a new practice that I have been including and I absolutely love it!

So, what exactly is grounding? It is the act of walking barefoot outside on grass, sand, dirt, or rock for at least 30 minutes. By doing this you are tapping into the electrical energy of the Earth. There are numerous health benefits to doing this such as decreased pain and inflammation, increased energy levels, improved sleep, a sense of calm as the nervous system cools down, etc.

4. Family Time

Sometimes we get so consumed with all the to-do’s we have in our day that we are just thankful everyone is alive and fed. Haha! We miss out on taking a break and simply connecting with our family on a fun level.

As a family, we love playing board games or watching a movie together. My husband and I enjoy watching a quick 20-minute show together to simply quiet our brains at night or just enjoy a beverage while we catch up on life.

Find what works for your family and make it a priority to include these moments regularly.

5. Proper Nourishment

If you aren’t fueling your body properly, then you will feel tired, achy, stressed, crabby, etc. You better believe that food has the power to help you soar through each day. When you ditch inflammatory foods in your diet and replace them with nourishing ones, you will have more energy, be happier, bounce back from stressful situations with more ease, and sleep better to prepare you for the next day.

If you are looking to bring balance to not only your life but your plate as well, then I invite you to join me in one of my two programs.
  1. The 6-week program, Own Your Health, is a great place to start as we dive deep into how your body processes the foods you eat and how they impact your health.
  2. The 12-week program, Cultivate a New You, is for those who want to become empowered in the kitchen to cook their way to health and happiness.

Hi, I'm Danie!

A wife, mother and culinary nutritionist and coach living in Wisconsin. It is my passion to share the knowledge I have gained about food and healthy living with you. I want to empower you to own your health and your happiness by falling in love with real, whole food eating and self-care.

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