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Stress Resiliency Begins with Your Plate

Stress Resiliency Begins with Your Plate

Ladies, stress seems to be a normal part of our daily lives nowadays. We wear so many different hats in a single day. We are cooks, maids, teachers, moms, spouses, lovers, problem-solvers, organizers, planners, nurses, and the list goes on. At the end of the day, all...


I’m here to help you learn how to make food to fuel your body and work FOR it to give you energy. I'm sharing tips and resources to help empower you to own your health and happiness with real, whole food eating and self-care.

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How I went from struggling to thriving!

How I went from struggling to thriving!

Do you ever look at your health and wonder how it got to this point? Do you feel like you have tried it all: diets, supplements, exercising, etc. yet nothing is changing?...

Hi, I'm Danie

a culinary nutritionist

I am dedicated to walking alongside women as they overcome extra weight, build muscle, balance their moods, and build stress resilience. 

It may seem overwhelming at first to transform your diet and lifestyle habits, but I am here to guide you along that path until you feel confident in the kitchen and with your daily choices.


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